Over 5M cc in Blood-letting Project by Yanhee International Hospital

Over 5M cc in Blood-letting Project by Yanhee International Hospital

To date, Yanhee International Hospital has collected a total of 5,970,700 cc of blood this week, during its quarterly blood-letting program which the hospital started 8 years ago, as one of its major community projects to help those with hematologic problems and need blood transfusions, as disclosed by its CEO, Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha.

This very “warm” activity done four times a year, in coordination with the Red Cross Society of Bangkok, Thailand and the Wachira Hospital, not only warms the body with blood for the sick, but their hearts as well.

Donors are screened carefully, according to the highest health standards.

Requirements that blood donors are required to meet include the following: age between 17-60 years old, weight of not less than 45 kgs, must have had at least 8 hours of sleep, and must qualify for the medical requirements mentioned in the questionnaire to filled up by the donor before he can be considered as healthy and qualified.

All blood collected id stored properly and dispensed by the Red Cross Society, and is available for use to anyone who may need it.

This Blood Donation Program is headed by Ms. Worawan Kosaisuk, manager of the Medical Technology Department of Yanhee International Hospital.

As a sign of appreciation to the donors, the hospital provides them free t-shirts, food and drinks after extraction is completed.

Conscious of its role as health provider in this part of the community, Yanhee International Hospital will continue this civic program for as long as there are sick people who may need this kind of assistance, as a way of emphasizing its effort to promote not only beauty but health above all, for the people of Thailand.