Alternative Medicine

If You Are Afflicted With Unceasing Pain
or Other Maladies, and Prescription Drugs
or Conventional Medicine Have Failed
To Produce The Desired Results,

There is a natural, safe, effective and drug free alternative!

Experience for yourself the power of acupuncture, chelation therapy, detox, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a procedure that infuses 100% oxygen into your blood stream shortening healing time of diabetic foot wounds preventing the dreaded below-knee amputation!

From non-healable diabetic foot wounds to chronic pain, our alternative medical center has successfully managed hundreds of patients with a wide variety of health problems.

The advantage of alternative medicine is that it will treat your health problems at the core and boost your overall health without producing adverse effects or merely suppressing your symptoms temporarily.

Now with greater reason, alternative medical procedures are in the spotlight. While these types of practices are not viewed as part of conventional medicine, these kinds of procedures can provide supplementary an additional treatment and benefit to patients.

After all, the medical community is now blending conventional medicine with alternative medicine to support the body in toughening and healing itself.

So, if you are suffering from health problems that are not responding, desire a qualified second opinion, or are searching for an alternative medical center the entire family can use for their general health needs, please contact us and see what alternative medicine can offer you.