Chicken Pox in Children

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One common childhood disease in children, chicken pox is very reputable for being contagious.

A child infected with chickenpox virus will develop a lot of itchy blisters which are filled with fluid. These blisters burst eventually, which lead to crusts formation.

Children get roughly five hundred such blisters which develop over a red skin area. They appear on the face first and then multiply to the trunk, scalp and the rest of the body.

After twenty four hours of appearance, the fluid packed blisters become cloudy and later on, scabby.

The itchiness triggered due to chicken pox is really intense and irritating. And the crust, if not taken care of, can leave scars for life.

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5 Things to Know Before Lasik Surgery

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With its popularity increasing, LASIK (Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) surgery has aided millions around the world with their eyesight and saying goodbye to contact lenses and glasses. People with eye problems favor this surgery for its minimal pain and ability to restore vision the following day.

However, before you entrust your eyes to LASIK surgery, here are five things that you should be aware of.

1. How does LASIK work?

This surgical operation helps improve people suffering either from near or farsightedness. During operation, the eye surgeon will use a surgical instrument called microkeratome to peel off a circular “flap” in the cornea. With access to the cornea, the surgeon will then remove the necessary corneal tissue using a specialized excimer laser and adjust the cornea.

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Little Changes, Big Results!

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Going for a healthy way of life can lead to a longer, more fulfilling life. Improving your physical and mental health has a positive effect on everyone around you.

You can teach your family and friends better habits through example. There’s no reason to be frightened by the idea of living healthier. Make a few small changes and start to see big results.

Get Moving

There are exercise programs out there that guarantee amazing body transformations in a short amount of time but they’re grueling. If you love that kind of challenge then go for it!

To start a fitness routine that’s less extreme, start with walking. Walking is a great way to ease into exercise and is less taxing on your joints than jogging or running. Even a 10 minute walk down the road will increase your stamina and boost your metabolism.

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The Main Culprit to Your Acne Breakout

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During teenage years, we all go through a phase we simply cannot avoid — puberty. And to whomever puberty hits, acne follows. Some may have gotten lucky and got away unscarred but to most of us, acne was an inconvenience causing loss of confidence and awkward social interactions.

So where does it originate from? And what solutions are there to clear it up? Quite simply, hormones and genetic make up are the main offenders causing acne breakouts. Particularly, the male “testosterone” hormone can trigger pimples. During puberty, teenagers go through irregular production of male hormones. By early twenties, things start to settle down for some, while others continue to endure it. For women, the menstrual cycle generates excess hormones which quickly lead to issues with acne.

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7 Actionable Tips For Healthier Bones

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It’s an unavoidable truth: As you age, your bones get thinner and lose their thickness.  After some time, you turn out to be more susceptible to damage.

Luckily, you can find a way to stop the “degeneration” of your bones, called osteopenia, and avert osteoporosis.

Begin with the tips below from bone specialists.

1. Consume calcium-rich foods

Besides dairy products, go with fish with bones, for example, salmon, sardines or whitebait. For extra benefits, serve them with a side of dark leafy green vegetables or broccoli.  Almonds, dried figs, braced tofu and soy milk are additionally calcium-rich options.

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Managing Asthmatic Triggers

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One of the most common ailments that children suffer as well as teens and adults is asthma. It occurs when the airways in the lungs tighten and blocks it from receiving the adequate air to breathe. Some parents whose child are affected by asthma are unaware of the signals the child might be projecting under attack such as: difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and chest pain.

There are many factors that can cause an asthma attack and are called triggers. Unfortunately, they are everywhere. Triggers can be the mold from your house, cigarette smoke, dust mites, airborne debris, and household pets.

So how can you protect yourself or a family member from an onslaught of these triggers? Below are simple tips to defend against asthmatic bouts.

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Take Charge of Your Heart Health

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Heart disease is a problem of the arteries that will eventually affect your heart if not corrected early.

That is why it is vital that you take steps to avoid it before it begins.

It is believed that men are in a higher risk of experiencing – and dying of – heart
disease than women, but that’s not true.

Heart disease is the leading cause behind death for men and women worldwide.

This signifies that one in four persons you know will die as a result of cardiovascular disease or a related condition.

But the future does not have to be just as grim as days gone by.

With a few basic changes to your way of life, you can deal with this silent killer — and win.

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