Rejuvenating Your Skin

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Whether your skin is looking dull and lifeless or you are interested in removing scars and spots, skin rejuvenation may be just what you’re looking for. Many women may mistake skin rejuvenation to be just like any other beauty treatment but, it is instead, less about getting an expensive facial and more about treating the skin at its deepest level.

Before looking for a skin refreshing session for either a simple glow or removing scars and spots, it is important to address the root cause of any problem.

Your dermatologist will explain that as we age, our skin loosens and loses its original elasticity because collagen and tissue degenerates. Skin rejuvenation treatments are aimed at stimulating these elastic tissues, but in accordance with your own skin type, so there is no resulting damage.

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How To Give Yourself Cancer In Five Easy Steps

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Following with our ever-popular series on “How to Get Disease,” this article discusses how to give yourself a raging case of cancer. It could be breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer or even something like leukemia.

By following the instructions in this article, you can give yourself almost any form of cancer desirable and if you pursue these strategies to their fullest potential, you could end up with several different forms of cancer all at once. So, let’s get started and learn how to give yourself cancer.

If you’re aiming for a raging case of cancer, the first thing you’ve got to do is start consuming food ingredients that actually promote cancer. One of the most powerful cancer-promoting food ingredients of all is called sodium nitrate. This is an ingredient that is added to virtually all packaged meat products including hot dogs, pepperoni, ham, lunchmeat and other similar products.

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The Overwhelming Benefits of Soy Protein

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The benefits of soy protein is overwhelming and is emerging as one of the great alternative protein sources for human consumption. Health experts are all excited about how soy protein can change the face of nutrition.

What’s all the rage? Here are some great reasons to get with soy protein.

Soy Protein Is Plant Protein

Soy beans contain complete protein and have one of the best protein digestibilities among all protein sources. Soy beans also contain little or no fat and have virtually no cholesterol. Lactose intolerant ones will be pleased to know that soy beans contain no lactose.

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Healthy Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping is something we all have to do, even though choosing the right foods can be very hard indeed. To assist you with your healthy grocery shopping, the tips below can indeed help make things easier than ever before:

  1. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.
  2. Select canned fruits and tuna that are packed in water, not oil or syrup.
  3. Look at the labels for the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”. The earlier you see them appear on the list, the higher the amount of unhealthy trans fatty acids the food will contain.

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Top Ten Power Packed Foods

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What is the secret to a long and healthy life?

It is in the food that we eat. As you well know, all foods are not created equal. Choosing and eating the right foods may help increase your life expectancy as well as the quality of your life.

Here are the top ten power packed foods designed to give you energy, vitality and all around good health!

1. Beans: If they give you gas, take precautions before you eat them. Soaking them first can help. Beans of all kinds (kidney, navy, lentils, chickpeas, Northern) are high in protein. This is plant protein so it contains very little fat, carbs and calories.If fiber is a problem in your diet, eating a healthy portion of beans each day can keep your digestive system healthy.

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