Improve Your Fertility

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As more and more women are putting off starting their family until after their career has been established more women are also finding they are experiencing difficulty with fertility.

These issues also affect men because sperm count is affected by medical conditions, smoking and nutrition. There are several natural ways in order to improve fertility no matter how old you are. Here are a few things that you can do in order to achieve pregnancy.

One of the most important factors in your fertility is smoking. Most people are aware that smoking will negatively affect the health of your baby but it will also negatively impact fertility as well. Smoking, nicotine and the chemicals involved will dramatically reduce both male and female fertility and conception rates.

In one study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, sperm counts were 17% lower in individuals who smoked than those who didn’t. Another Polish study showed dramatically lowered sperm counts and an increased time of conception in women who smoked.

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Skin Whitening

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities don’t have the same complexion they had in early photographs? Or how those who are in their middle ages do not have age spots or liver spots? It isn’t that they are diligent with their makeup but rather that they have joined the world of people who use skin whitening products to lighten their complexion.

These new agents perform two different functions. They actually absorb the UV rays from the sun and thus prevent the darkening of the skin when the melanocytes, cells that contain melanin (color) are exposed to the sun. And they reduce the production of melanin which is the pigment found in the skin responsible for darkening the skin when it is exposed to the light.

Most of the products on the market today contain ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase, the enzyme in the pigment cells that make melanin. One of these ingredients is hydroquinone, an oxydizing agent and hormonal preparation which are usually classified as a drug.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards has invoked a legal notice that this drug is being illegally used for skin whitening procedures. In Kenya these products can only be used when recommended or prescribed by a medical doctor.

The Kenya ruling also pertains to products which contain Mercury which contributes to heavy metal toxicity, allergic dermatitis and ovarian damage. At this time the skin whitening agents that are banned for over the counter use in Kenya may still be available in the U.S.

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Preventing Osteoporosis Using Weight Lifting

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Even though osteoporosis is a chronic condition that affects both men and women, it is much more likely that a postmenopausal woman will suffer from osteoporosis than any other category of individuals.

This particular type of osteoporosis is called primary osteoporosis, because it evolves from the natural bone loss that occurs over the age of 35. Secondary bone loss or secondary osteoporosis, is caused from another medical condition which results in bone loss at a greater rate than normal.

In osteoporosis an individual will be more affected by bone loss in the hips, spine and wrists. These are the bone areas where osteoporotic, low impact or low trauma fractures are more likely to occur.

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About Moisturizers

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Moisturizers-For-Oily-SkinMost women recognize that cleansing and moisturizing their faces every day will keep their skin looking the best it can. In fact, many women use a four step process; cleaning, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

The final step in the process is moisturizing. The basic law of the beauty is that everyone, no matter what the skin type age or gender, should moisturize. Even people who have oily skin will benefit from moisturizers because they seal the moisture in to the skin. (1,2)

The basic function of a facial moisturizer is to soothe the skin and create a moisture barrier to keep the natural moisture in. This means that moisturizers should be applied either directly after the shower or after washing and toning the face. And, while moisturizers may smooth skin temporarily and make small lines and wrinkles less apparent, there is no long-term benefits to wrinkles.

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The Process of Getting Pregnant

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Knowledge about the process of how to become pregnant works to the advantage of both couples who want to become pregnant and those who don’t.

Knowing and understanding the process of how babies are made helps a woman to more fully grasp the risk that she takes when she engages in risky behavior during a pregnancy or directly before.

The basics of how a woman gets pregnant are pretty simple. Man meets woman, they have sex and nine months later out pops a little one. But, there’s a lot more to the process than that including a host of modern variations.

Getting pregnant can often be a very frustrating process for couples while others seem to get pregnant simply on accident. All men and women are not created equally. In other words, the reproductive cycle of some women is much more consistent and stable while others aren’t and some men just have more sperm than others.

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