Getting a Bone Density Study

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Today measuring bone mass density is standard medical procedure in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. However, these tests have only been around for approximately 25 years. In the early years, osteoporosis was a disease that was only detected after an individual suffered from a low impact or low trauma fracture. By this time the bones had already been weakened and the individual was destined to a lifetime of frailty.

In the early 1970s researchers were able to measure bone mass at the wrist only and by the mid-1980s could obtain hip and spine measurements. However, due to be radioactive source required for the test it was housed in the nuclear medicine department of hospitals.

By 1989 the current DEXA became available and replaced the need for nuclear medicine. However, since the only treatment available at the time was estrogen replacement therapy or calcitonin injections, physicians were not enthusiastic about sending patients to have their bone scan for a disease that for the most part, was being treated when women were being treated for their menopausal symptoms.

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Plastic Surgery: Should You Have It?

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By: Dr. Maj Benice

Plastic Surgery can either be re-constructive, or cosmetic. Examples of re-constructive surgery are surgeries that are done to improve any deformity in any part of the human body brought about by accidents, or congenital deformities, which may or may not interfere with basic functions of the body.

Examples of cosmetic surgery are surgeries done on the different parts of a person’s body, which he/she thinks needs improvement, such as on the face (lifts), nose (lift, repair of nasal flare), breasts (lifts, reduction, augmentation), abdomen (tummy tuck), liposuctions (suctioning and removal of fat in the different parts of the body), etc. The basic purpose of these surgeries is to improve the appearance of certain parts of a patient’s body, which in his/her eyes, needs improvement.

As cosmetic surgeries are mostly optional in nature, let us talk about this part of Plastic Surgery, and why people choose to go through it.

Many people believe that Plastic Surgery can change not only their looks but their lives as well. Is this because of the wide acceptance of vanity and plastic surgery in modern society today or is it really a need for many? On the other hand, many people condemn it, and even judge its takers by calling them silly, sick, and ungrateful creatures of God, for wanting to change what He has originally designed.

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The Importance of Working Your Core Muscles

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Suppose that at a distance you see a short, stooped figure walking with short, slow steps. Most likely, you will conclude that the person is old. The hunched posture gives you the clue.

Why does aging contort so many bodies in this way? The reason is that many people, throughout their lives, never extend the neck to its full range, and so the muscles shorten. Long hours of reading, sewing, typing, or standing at a workbench take their toll. Eventually deposits of calcium salts in the joints complete the process of immobilization. Once this calcification takes place, nothing can be done to reverse it.

Fortunately, older persons can take action before it is too late. The best action is regular exercise that stretches the muscles and improves flexibility, with special considerations on the core muscles. This kind of response is relatively important for a number of factors that when taken for granted will only lead to serious health problems.

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Anti-aging Products

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To look younger than your chronological age has been the quest of many for centuries. When explorers first reached the shores of America, they were not only looking for gold, but also for the fountain of youth. Today, researchers and scientists believe they have come as close as ever to finding products which help both men and women to look as young as they can.

The best method of maintaining a youthful appearance is to provide the body with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are required at the cellular level. By achieving good overall health, drinking lots of water and getting good rest, many women are able to maintain a more youthful appearance than did their parents. But for those of us who are looking for something more there are several options from which to choose. (1)

Before making your choice filter advertising claims through several questions. Manufacturers may offer claims that appear to be outrageous on the surface. Although we would all like to get rid of deep wrinkles, lines or take 20 years off our appearance, reality is that once the damage has been done it’s harder to reverse than it is to keep it from happening in the first place. Prevention really is the best medicine.

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Alternative Cures for the Flu

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There are hundreds of different cold and flu viruses, most of them routinely alter themselves on an annual basis in response to their own environment. This means that any traditional medical cure is not possible. This is because of the way in which current antibiotics and medications are developed.

For this reason many of the same treatments which were used by our ancestors continue to be used today in order to shorten the length of time the flu virus affects your body. The flu will typically affect between 10 and 35% of the population each year, depending upon the virulence of seasonal flu variety and how well protected individuals keep themselves.

There is no real cure needed for the flu virus because the body will recover spontaneously. However, using protocols to prevent the onset of the illness and treatments that can shorten the length of it once you contract the flu, you will not have to spend as much time suffering.

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