If you are someone affected by allergies, you may be searching for ways to find a solution. While over-the-counter drugs can be effective, there are some who are not too keen on their body absorbing too much pharmaceutical products. If you happen to be one, below are a variety of all-natural cures to combat allergies.

Number one on the list of organic remedy is the applie cider vinegar. While the taste may left a lot to be desired, it is also known to treat other ailments. It is also use to shed unwanted weight, lower blood pressure, and control high cholesterol levels. Recommended intake of apple cider vinegar are two tablespoons per day. To help ease it down the throat, it is advised to mix it with juice and water.

Also, red clover which is another form of natural drug to countermeasure allergy. Its most important quality is that it can cover a wide selection of allergic symptoms that you might have. Research groups have suggested taking red clover in tea form. They also come in pills and can easily be found online.

Another option you have to treat your allergic reactions is to undergo acupuncture. WebMD, a dependable medical website, promotes acupuncture to aid with symptoms such as
sneezing, runny nose, and puffy eyes. A doctor or qualified expert will insert needles strategically placed on your body depending on your symptoms. You can find trained
practitioners of this alternative healing method within your community.

While some allergies are seasonal, there are some that can easily be prevented and steps be taken to ensure that your allergies doesn’t act up.

For example, pet allergies can easily be avoided by not having any pets in the first place. But if your love for animals are second to none, then just be sure to restrain them from entering areas where you most frequent such as the bedroom.

Mold is another cause that can set off allergies, so it would be wise to take appropriate measures to get rid of mold that could be lurking beneath the surface of your house. Decreasing the moisture in your home can be a great solution to defend against the slow expansion of fungus. Turn on a fan or open the windows when taking a hot shower so mold will not collect within the bathroom. However, if you find mold currently residing within your walls, make sure to contact a professional and have them remove it.

The aforementioned natural home remedies are merely a few recommended by those sensitive to allergies. While they are the most commonly used methods, it is also important to note that they work differently for each person.