Going for a healthy way of life can lead to a longer, more fulfilling life. Improving your physical and mental health has a positive effect on everyone around you.

You can teach your family and friends better habits through example. There’s no reason to be frightened by the idea of living healthier. Make a few small changes and start to see big results.

Get Moving

There are exercise programs out there that guarantee amazing body transformations in a short amount of time but they’re grueling. If you love that kind of challenge then go for it!

To start a fitness routine that’s less extreme, start with walking. Walking is a great way to ease into exercise and is less taxing on your joints than jogging or running. Even a 10 minute walk down the road will increase your stamina and boost your metabolism.

When the weather does not allow walking outdoors, try the local gym. Elliptical machines are kinder to your knees and with their variable resistance you can increase the challenge as muscles strengthen.

A treadmill is an excellent way to get walking too and with the adjustable incline you can experience the unique challenge of traversing hills.

Hydrate Properly

Drinking sufficient water is vital to your health. Proper hydration helps with digestion, organ function and safeguards joint health.

Consuming the proper amount of water everyday keeps your skin healthy and helps eliminate any toxins in your system. You need to drink more water while you’re exercising since you sweat it out.

Sports drinks are fine after a strenuous workout because they replace electrolytes but remember that they contain sugar and added calories that you won’t find in water.

Fruit juices are good hydration too because they have vitamins and minerals but even the most natural juices contain sugar and sometimes high amounts of sodium.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

Venturing out into the sunlight has many benefits, a significant one being that when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium which is vital for building and maintaining strong, healthy bones. Reduced levels of Vitamin D can result in certain cancers, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. Vitamin D’s capacity to help in calcium absorption avoids bone diseases like osteoporosis and rickets.

Sunlight isn’t the only source of Vitamin D, it can also be found in fortified dairy products, cod liver oil, eggs and fish like salmon and tuna.

Rest and Relaxation

Never underestimate the benefits of a good night’s sleep! As stressful as your life is, your body requires time to rejuvenate.

Insufficient sleep can lead to fatigue, depression and anxiety. Even just a few nights of inadequate sleep affect your mood, judgment and memory.

Longer bouts of inadequate sleep can lead to health problems like depression, and heart disease.

You could be tempted to try and work through a problem by staying up throughout the night but it’s better to sleep on it. Very often the right solution presents itself in the morning after a good night’s rest.

Eat Naturally

A good rule of thumb to use when grocery shopping is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients then you shouldn’t be putting it in your body. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and whole grain foods are best for your body.

Many breads that claim to be whole grain and nutritious are also full of preservatives and excess sugar.

Take eating healthy a step further by preparing as much food as you can from scratch. You will achieve peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients went into the food you are eating.

In addition, keep an eye on the nutritional labels of the foods you eat and even the meds or treatments you use on your body (toothpaste, bodywash, etc).