Using Vitamins to Treat Acne

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Acne is an inflammatory skin condition that will affect people both physically and emotionally. The condition can range from a mild case of one or two pimples a month to a severe case of cystic acne that can envelope most of the neck, face or scalp. Some would like to believe there is one specific vitamin which will help treat acne in a miraculous way, to clear the condition and relieve the suffering.

Unfortunately, this is not the way the body works. Although research has shown that there are vitamins which assist the body in healing acne inflammation there is not just one. A combination of vitamins will make a difference in the ability of the skin to tolerate environmental pollutants and clogged pores while at the same time not develop acne.

Researchers know that vitamins and minerals are powerful antioxidants. In fact oxidants work to eliminate toxins from the body and play an important role in the health of all organ systems, of which the skin is the largest. One specific factor that has been shown to have a role in the development of blemishes is poor nutrition and the lack of essential vitamins and minerals. (1, 2)

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Dandruff – Are You Sure It Is Dandruff?

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Everybody hates dandruff. No body likes the falling white flakes and the itching scalp. we all try many shampoos and treatments, both natural and chemical to get rid of dandruff.

I want to ask many of you who suffer dandruff – how are you sure that you are having dandruff? Unless a doctor diagnosed it as dandruff, how can any one be sure that he/she is suffering dandruff if it is not clearing after many washes? May be you are suffering from something else? Let us look at the other problems that may confuse you.

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Places Where People Live Young In Their Old Age

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A long life is one of man’s greatest dreams. But this dream can never be pulled off by chance. A long and healthy one starts with having good genes, but definitely, it is not your genes alone that can determine if you’ll live past the 100 mark. What you take and what you do is a huge factor.

But many age-conscious people in the world find very notable places where many inhabitants live long and healthy lives. What then can we learn from these distinct communities?

Okinawa, Japan

With over a million inhabitants in this southern Japanese island, more than 900 of them have already lived more than a century. There are five more Okinawans who live to be 100 years old or so compared to other places in Japan. And the number of their centenarians is four times as many in America and in Britain.

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Homeopathic Treatments for Varicose Veins

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The first sign of varicose veins is swelling along the path the vein takes down the leg. After this most people notice bluish or reddish tinged coloring to the area as well as a swelling along the vein. Varicose veins are the result of damaged one way valves that help push the blood through the veins and forward to the heart. When the valves become damaged, the blood is able to pool within the veins and decreases the ability of the body to remove toxins and oxygenate the tissues. (1)

At this time, traditional Western medicine believes that sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating varicose veins. However, some insurance companies do not cover this expense if there are no other underlying medical symptoms. And, some women would like to try other more natural remedies in order to treat their varicose veins and prevent any further from occurring.

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Why You Need to Stop Smoking for Good

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With all of the negative effects that smoking has, it is amazing to see just how many people still smoke. Aside from the physical effects, there are plenty of other reasons why smoking is not such a good idea, but it is very important to actually take advantage of these reasons when you are looking for reasons to quit smoking.

Simply quitting on a whim might sound nice, but it will rarely be successful and often leaves you upset and saddened that you have not achieved the results that you really want.

Looking at your health there are some immediate reasons why smoking is bad. With the risk of lung cancer, heart problems, cancer of the larynx and even a severely increased risk of heart attack or stroke.

Just listening to all of the potential health problems is enough to scare some people so badly that they never pick up another pack of cigarettes again. Those who still continue to smoke either feel that they cannot stop, or they are just unable to stop because they are so badly addicted to the idea of smoking.

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