By: Dr. Maj Benice

Plastic Surgery can either be re-constructive, or cosmetic. Examples of re-constructive surgery are surgeries that are done to improve any deformity in any part of the human body brought about by accidents, or congenital deformities, which may or may not interfere with basic functions of the body.

Examples of cosmetic surgery are surgeries done on the different parts of a person’s body, which he/she thinks needs improvement, such as on the face (lifts), nose (lift, repair of nasal flare), breasts (lifts, reduction, augmentation), abdomen (tummy tuck), liposuctions (suctioning and removal of fat in the different parts of the body), etc. The basic purpose of these surgeries is to improve the appearance of certain parts of a patient’s body, which in his/her eyes, needs improvement.

As cosmetic surgeries are mostly optional in nature, let us talk about this part of Plastic Surgery, and why people choose to go through it.

Many people believe that Plastic Surgery can change not only their looks but their lives as well. Is this because of the wide acceptance of vanity and plastic surgery in modern society today or is it really a need for many? On the other hand, many people condemn it, and even judge its takers by calling them silly, sick, and ungrateful creatures of God, for wanting to change what He has originally designed.