Q-Switch Ruby Laser

Q-Switch Ruby Laser

What is this procedure all about and how does it work?

Q-Switch (Ruby Laser) is a 695 nm-wavelength laser which is effective in removing pigmented skin lesion, by emitting short and very high power pulses to eliminate blue or green tattoo. This is much more effective compared to other Q-Switch laser treatment; very similar to the Nd YAG Laser treatment

What are the Indications for this type of Treatment?

  1. Tattoo removal (all tattoo colors especially blue and green)
  2. Freckles
  3. Solar lentigines
  4. Birthmarks (CALM, Ota’s nevus)

The Procedure:

  1. Local anesthesia is applied on the treated area.
  2. Laser light is targeted on the treated area.

Duration will vary from 5 minutes to hours, depending on the treated area.

What are the common complications of this treatment?

Bruises and redness usually occur after this treatment but which usually disappear after  1 week.

Instructions for the Patient after going through this procedure:

  1. The treated area should be kept dry at least within the first 24-72 hours after the treatment.
  2. The prescribed antibiotic ointment should be applied on the treated area for 5-7 days.

No make-up should be applied on the face for 5-7 days after the treatment.