Accent Ultra

Accent Ultra

What is this procedure all about?

The ULTRASLIM Treatment is the latest non-surgical method combining the use of ultrasound and radio-frequency waves, to produce accelerated immediate results in excess fat removal in the different areas of the body where this usually accumulates.

How does the ULTRASLIM treatment work?

Heat generated by the ultrasound and radiofrequency waves cause the degeneration of fat, and lessens the localized fat and the appearance of cellulites. By gently heating the skin, RF encourages the acceleration of collagen renewal, promoting accelerated collagen production resulting in the tightening of the area.

This procedure also helps dysmorphic fat accumulation after liposuction or tummy tuck.

The Procedure:

The certified laser technician beams the ultrasound machine at a specific area in the patient’s body for 20 minutes.

The ultrasound waves are combined with a 30-minute RF for further body contouring.

The 3 main steps of this treatment procedure:

Step 1: Done to soften adipose tissues and stimulate lymphatic system (10-20 minutes)

    Professional maneuver massage is given to soften adipose tissues and stimulate the lymphatic system, and finally bring the body into the best condition to break up and melt adipose tissues.

    Step 2: Done to break up and melt adipose tissues (30 – 50 minutes)

      This is a non- invasive procedure that works with controlled ultrasound waves that generate microbubbles which implode due to partial pressure changes and the fat cells in localized areas disintegrate. These fat cells turn into a liquid substance (digliperides), which is eliminated through the lymphatic system and urine. Nevertheless, the rising temperature results in the internal streaming of vital essence and energy of the body, removing the internal toxins off.

      Step 3: Done to accelerate lipolysis and adipose layer and skin tightening by Radio Frequency waves (10-15 minutes). The high frequency waves stimulate the movement of plasma, and the heat generated speeds up the blood circulation of tissues of the dermis and subcutaneous layers, and promotes repair of the collagen layer.

        Instructions/ other helpful information for the patient after going through the ULTRASLIM Treatment:

        1. The recommended treatment is once a week for 6 weeks.
        2. The treatment must be performed ideally before meals or 3 hours after meals.
        3. This is a safe and non-invasive treatment, without any known side effects.
        4. It is possible that 6 more sessions may be required, depending on the size of the localized fat.
        5. The patient is strongly advised to engage for 15-30 minutes,  in any one among the physical activities mentioned below:
          1. Brisk walking, running
          2. Swimming
          3. Exercise with stationary bicycle or treadmill at home
          4. Muscle – building exercises for the abdomen, waist, thighs, and buttocks
          5. Vibrating boards (only 10 minutes is required)
          6. Muscle activation
          7. Sauna bath

        What are the contraindications for the ULTRASLIM Treatment?

        1. Pregnancy
        2. Patient history of epilepsy, influenza, tumors
        3. Menstruation
        4. Presence of foreign bodies/implants/metals, implanted in the body of the patient