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Adam’s Apple Shaving

Adam’s apple shaving is a surgical procedure that typically involves making an incision in the throat just under the chin. The vertical muscles of the throat are then carefully separated to expose the Adam’s apple, after which the tracheal cartilage is shaved to reduce its size. Our comprehensive guide will provide detailed insights into Adam’s apple shaving, from the initial consultation to the procedure itself.

What is Adam’s Apple Shaving?

Adam’s apple shaving, also known as tracheal shave or chondrolaryngoplasty, is a surgical procedure commonly sought by transgender women to reduce the prominence of their Adam’s apple, or laryngeal prominence. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and sedation to ensure the patient’s comfort.

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During the surgery, the surgeon makes a small horizontal incision along a natural skin fold in the neck to access the tracheal cartilage, which forms the Adam’s apple. The surgeon then carefully shaves down the tracheal convexity, or the protruding portion of the cartilage, to achieve the desired reduction in the Adam’s apple bulge.

After the procedure, which usually takes about an hour to complete, the patient may be discharged on the same day. They are typically advised to rest and avoid strenuous activities for a few days. A follow-up check-up is usually scheduled after approximately 7 days to monitor the healing process and ensure there are no complications.

Adam’s apple shaving can be a safe and effective option for transgender women seeking to reduce the prominence of their Adam’s apple and achieve a more feminine appearance. It is important for patients to carefully consider their options and consult with a qualified surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Some Benefits of Adam's Apple Shaving

  1. Improved Appearance: For transgender women, reducing the size of the Adam’s apple can help create a more feminine appearance, which can lead to increased confidence and improved self-esteem.
  2. Gender Affirmation: The procedure can be an important step in the gender affirmation process for transgender women, helping them align their physical characteristics with their gender identity.
  3. Easier Voice Training: A reduced Adam’s apple can make voice training, which is often part of the gender transition process, more effective by allowing for greater control over vocal pitch and tone.
  4. Clothing Options: A smaller Adam’s apple can make it easier to wear certain types of clothing, such as high-necked tops or dresses, without the prominence of the Adam’s apple being noticeable.
  5. Reduced Dysphoria: Gender dysphoria, which is the distress experienced due to a misalignment between one’s gender identity and assigned sex at birth, can be alleviated to some extent by reducing the visibility of the Adam’s apple.
  6. Improved Passing: For transgender women who wish to “pass” or be perceived as their gender identity in public, a reduced Adam’s apple can contribute to a more feminine appearance, potentially reducing the likelihood of being misgendered.

It’s important to note that while Adam’s apple shaving can offer these benefits, it is a personal decision and may not be desired or necessary for all transgender women.



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Adam’s Apple Shaving (Chondroplasty)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during the post-operative period?

You may experience temporary pain, tightness around the incision site, and some difficulty swallowing. These are common post-operative symptoms that typically resolve as you heal.

Will my neck appear completely flat and feminine after the procedure?

The surgeon cannot guarantee a completely flat result due to the risk of damaging the vocal cords, which can lead to hoarseness. The goal is to achieve a more feminine contour while preserving vocal function.

Will the scar be noticeable after the surgery?

The incision is made along a natural skin fold in the neck, which helps the scar become less noticeable as it heals. However, if you are prone to keloid formation, it’s important to consider the balance between achieving a flatter Adam’s Apple and the potential for a more visible scar.

What are the potential risks of this surgery?

Like any surgery, there are risks, including bleeding, adverse reactions to anesthesia, infection, delayed healing, nerve injury, and the possibility of unfavorable scarring. It’s important to note that excessive resection can also lead to hoarseness.

What preparations should I make for Adam's apple shaving surgery?

To minimize complications and reduce risk factors, it’s important to stop smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and taking hormonal pills, herbal supplements, and medications (unless approved by your doctor) at least two weeks before your scheduled surgery. Additionally, individuals with underlying medical conditions should obtain surgical clearance from their medical specialist.