Botox Treatment

Botox also is known as Botulinum toxin is a protein and neurotoxin produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacteria.

What is the Botox treatment all about?

Botox injection is a non-invasive method of injecting a protein into tissues to weaken, paralyze, or relax certain muscles that cause lines and wrinkles of the face, making it look smoother and younger.

Botox Treatment

This is a currently popular procedure because of its effectiveness in making wrinkles disappear, even for a temporary period of 4-6 months, after which subsequent injections may be given to the patient on this same time-table.

Causes of wrinkles:

  1. The aging process
  2. Exposure to sunlight
  3. Stress and anxiety
  4. Facial expressions such as frowning, raising the eyebrows, and even smiling

Generally, the wrinkles around the treated area disappear within 3-7 days.

A very minute dose of this protein is used per injection.

Its effects are local and this is a very safe procedure.

Indications for the use of Botox:

  1. Reduction of wrinkles such as Crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines
  2. Reduction of excessive sweating in underarms or palms of hands
  3. Reduction of muscle hypertrophy on calves, masseter muscles for chewing, and producing a V-shape slim face.

What are the common side effects of Botox?

  1. Transient and mild pain at the injection site
  2. Small bruise which usually disappears after one week

What are the contraindications for the Botox treatment?

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Lactating Mothers

Botox Treatment Procedure:

  1. The treated area is cleaned and disinfected.
  2. An ice pack is applied, or a local anesthetic is applied over the treated area.
  3. Botox is injected into the treated area. This takes only about 5 minutes.
  4. The patient is made to rest briefly after the procedure and then sent home with special instructions.

Instructions for the patient after going through the Botox treatment?

  1. Wash the face gently and regularly.
  2. After the procedure, the patient may resume use of make-up if she so desires.
  3. No other facial treatment should be done for at least 7 days after the Botox treatment.
  4. Come for follow-up treatments with your doctor as scheduled.


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Price (THB)


Glabellar Frown Lines


12-16 units

Fine Wrinkles (Meso Botox)


16 units

Crow's feet


24-32 units

Forehead lines


24 – 40 units

Sweat Glands (Hyperhydrosis)


100 units

Bunny Lines (Side of Nose)


4-6 units

Platysmal Band


16-32 units

Masseter Muscle Reduction


50 units

Calf Muscle Reduction


100 units

Additional Dose


1 unit

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