Cross-hospital Collaboration: Yanhee and Rama Hospitals Unite to Boost Plastic Surgery Training, Setting New International Benchmarks

In a landmark move, Yanhee Hospital and Ramathibodi Hospital have joined forces to elevate the quality of plastic surgery training in Thailand. This pioneering collaboration, the first of its kind bridging public and private hospitals, is aimed at producing a new generation of skilled Thai plastic surgeons who adhere to the highest professional standards.

The partnership was formalized by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which establishes an extensive ‘Courses in Plastic Surgery’ training program. Leading the signing ceremony were Dr. Supot Sumritvanitcha, CEO and Owner of Yanhee International Hospital, and Dr. Piyamitr Sritara, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital.

Signing of the MOU

This initiative will take place at the Plastic Surgery Center of Yanhee Hospital, designed to enrich the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional experience of the 5th-year plastic surgery residents from the Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital.

Dr. Suthon Pisuttinusart, Medical Director of Yanhee Hospital, provided insight into the objectives of this program.

“We are deeply committed to training plastic surgeons with complete expertise in aesthetic enhancements. Successful surgeons must not only have a comprehensive understanding of the field but also the ability to translate that knowledge into action, especially in cosmetic surgery.

With a team of 16 certified plastic surgeons who possess a wealth of experience in this area, Yanhee Hospital is well-positioned to be a training institute for cosmetic surgery,” said Dr. Suthon.

Yanhee Hospital is particularly honored by this partnership with Ramathibodi Hospital, which signifies the first-ever cooperation between public and private institutions to enhance surgical skills, knowledge, and experience for residents. Upon completion, trainees are expected to have a mastery of plastic surgery in line with international standards.

The training program is set to commence in the academic year of 2023. Over the course of the two-year collaboration, Ramathibodi Hospital will send its 5th-year residents, in their final year of training, to study at Yanhee Hospital for a month-long intensive study focused on patient care and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Suthon concluded, “This cooperation is a crucial milestone in our mission to cultivate a new generation of plastic surgeons that meet the nation’s educational goals and professional needs. Moreover, this initiative aligns with governmental policies to position Thailand as the premier cosmetic surgery center in Asia.”

 In short, “Yanhee and Ramathibodi Hospitals Forge Partnership for Plastic Surgery Residency Training: Aiming for Global Surgical Excellence” not only encapsulates the ambitious goals of the partnership but also the mutual dedication towards achieving those objectives.