Dental Cleaning

Protect Your Teeth from Cavities and Gum Disease!

Prevention and early detection are crucial steps in evading tooth decay and gum disease.

A good cleaning routine at home, along with periodic teeth cleaning and exams, can save you a variety of pricey dental treatments.

Prevention begins with containing plaque, a transparent bacteria that adhere to the surface of your teeth, and calculus, a mineral deposit. These are the primary causes of decay and disease.

By upholding a good regime of daily teeth care, it is easy to prevent many oral problems.

Our qualified and experienced dentists will help you with your teeth-care needs and management of your gums.

What Is Involved In A Dental Cleaning?

During a dental cleaning, your dentist uses several different instruments to carefully and delicately clean your gums and the surface of your teeth.

Your dentist will first use an instrument that vibrates gently, loosening and removing plaque, stains, and tartar from your teeth and gums.

At some point, to ensure teeth are completely clean, your dentist will lightly scrape the surface of your teeth to be sure that any more plaque and tartar are removed.

And finally, your dentist will polish your teeth with a special type of toothpaste that polishes and cleans.

Most of our patients love visiting us for regular teeth cleaning session. It is pain-free and a simple procedure.

If gingivitis and receding gums are present, you may feel a minimal amount of discomfort. If you happen to feel pain, please inform your dentist at once so he can take the necessary steps to make you feel comfortable.

The Advantages of Having A Routine Dental Cleaning

Even if you diligently brush and floss regularly, you can still miss hard-to-reach areas of the mouth and leave them prone to tooth decay and gingivitis. Your regular six-month check-up will guarantee that your dentist will discover any problem like cavities and gum disease early in their development.

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