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Whether you need treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, or refractive errors like nearsightedness, our ophthalmologists are here to help you see clearly.

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Ophthalmology is a specialized branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye disorders and diseases. Ophthalmologists are trained to provide comprehensive eye care, ranging from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to performing delicate eye surgeries. They address a wide range of conditions, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Ophthalmologists also play a crucial role in maintaining overall eye health and preventing vision loss. Through regular eye exams, early detection, and advanced treatments, they help patients maintain clear vision and preserve their eye health for years to come.

Should you need anything from a regular eye exam to laser vision correction, laser and surgical treatment for glaucoma, macular degeneration or custom cataract surgery….

Our Ophthalmologists have specialized skills, knowledge, and compassion to help you see and look you’re very best.

Since our techniques are up-to-date, we have advanced knowledge of the newest trends and theories for medical, laser, and surgical procedures. We also use leading-edge equipment as well as the most modern computer technology to provide you the best.

We know that every patient is different so we take the time to fully understand their problem and create an ideal plan of treatment.

Whether you’re in need of a basic eye exam to check for potential issues or you require treatment for an eye infection or condition, a Yanhee Ophthalmologist is here to serve. Get a hold of our staff at Yanhee International Hospital today to ask any of your questions or to set up an appointment during our flexible hours.



As a person ages, he may experience a clouding of the eye lens, a condition called a cataract. Sometimes patients can correct their vision loss with eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, only cataract surgery can help patients totally get back their vision.

Corneal Conditions

The disease of the cornea generally results from a number of causes, including infections, degenerations, and genetics. The ophthalmologists at Yanhee International Hospital, understand the trouble and discomfort of corneal diseases and work diligently to offer patients premium care.

Eye Exams

Regular, complete eye exams are a vital part of ensuring good eye health. Our doctors utilize several of the most modern technologies and techniques to examine for possible vision problems, as well as improve the patient’s vision.

Carrying out complete eye exams, the doctors and trained staff evaluate all components of a patient’s vision, including refractive error, amblyopia, strabismus, and other eye diseases. Based on the patient’s condition, doctors can prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses, surgery, or other medical treatments to improve a patient’s vision.


Our doctors are highly skilled at diagnosing and preventing glaucoma which is the second leading cause of blindness. They use advanced imaging techniques and tonometers to detect increased levels of intraocular pressure, the primary symptom of glaucoma. If glaucoma is diagnosed, our doctors can slow the development of the disease by reducing intraocular pressure with surgery or medications.

Laser Eye Surgery (Vision Correction)

Laser eye surgery is a general term for several eye surgeries utilized to correct refractive errors (i.e., how your eye focuses light).

The best-known types of laser eye surgery include LASIK, PRK, LASER, and EpiLASIK.

All four laser eye surgery procedures make use of the same one-of-a-kind laser, called an “excimer” laser to reshape the cornea. This is exactly what corrects vision. However, laser eye surgery may differ in the details of the technique, the recovery time, which surgical instruments are used, and your patient’s candidacy. You may be a more suitable candidate for PRK, for example, than for LASIK.

Your ophthalmologist will be able to decide from an extensive, laser-eye-surgery-specific eye exam which procedure is perfect for you. His advice will follow which procedure he believes will give you the very best outcome. Most patients attain 20/20 or better vision after laser eye surgery.

Retinal Disorders

Retinal disorders are serious conditions that require attentive medical care.

The retina is a layer of nerve tissue in the back of your eye that senses light and transmits images to your brain. In the center of the retina is the macula. It gives you the sharp, central vision necessary for reading, driving and seeing fine detail.

Retinal disorders damage this vital tissue which in turn can affect your vision, while others can be severe enough to cause blindness.


Strabismus, also called crossed eyes, is a condition wherein the eyes don’t look in the direction of an object in sync. One of the eyes may look in or out, or look up or down. The eye turning can happen the entire time or occasionally, such as during stressful conditions or illness.

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Eye Examination Package



Price (THB)

Randot Stereo Test (3D Vision Test)


Eye's Cornea Examination with Corvis Machine

Both Eyes


Glaucoma Examination with Corvis Machine

Both Eyes


Cataract Treatment Package



Price (THB)

ECCE with P/C IOL (Foldable Lens)

1 Side / 1 Night


Phaco with P/C IOL (Foldable Lens)

1 Side / 1 Night


Phaco with P/C Toric IOL (Foldable Lens)

1 Side / 1 Night


Phaco with P/C Multifocal IOL

1 Side / 1 Night


Phaco with P/C Multifocal IOL and Correct Astigmatism

1 Side / 1 Night


Strabismus Treatment Package



Price (THB)

Vertical Muscle Correction under GA (1-2 Muscle)

1 Night


Vertical Muscle Correction under GA (3 Muscles)

1 Night


Horizontal Muscle Correction under GA (1-2 Muscle)

1 Night


Horizontal Muscle Correction under GA (3 Muscles)

1 Night


Horizontal Muscle Correction under GA (4 Muscles)

1 Night


Vertical + Horizontal Muscle Correction under GA (4 Muscles)

1 Night


Muscle Correction under GA (5 Muscles)

1 Night


Muscle Correction under GA (6 Muscles)

1 Night