Enhancing Post-Surgery Recovery and Beauty Services

Yanhee Hospital and Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok Join Forces

Discover how our collaboration is setting new standards in patient care and recovery.

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A New Era in Patient Care

Yanhee Hospital and Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok Partnership

On May 17, 2024, Yanhee Hospital, known for its health and beauty services, signed an important agreement with Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok. The ceremony took place at 9:00 A.M. in the Inter 1 Conference Room, 14th floor, Inter 3 building.

Partnership in Action

Visual Highlights of Our Collaboration

Key Attendees

Event Highlights

The signing ceremony between Yanhee Hospital and Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok was a momentous occasion, graced by prominent figures such as Dr. Wichian Padhayanun, Executive Chairman of C2H Co., Ltd., and Ms. Nitida Ratchatarom, Managing Director of C2H Co., Ltd. Also in attendance were Dr. Suchavadee Sumritvanitcha and Dr. Ladavadee Sumritvanitcha, Executive Directors of Yanhee Hospital Co., Ltd., alongside members of the executive committees from both organizations. A special guest, Ms. Pattirada Wanta, known as Ms. Pink Phleng, 4th Runner-up of Miss Grand Sakhon Nakhon 2024, added a touch of glamour to the event. The collaboration was formalized in a grand ceremony, underscoring the importance of this strategic partnership aimed at enhancing post-surgery recovery and beauty services.

About the Collaboration

Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok offers top-quality accommodation services, including excellent nutritional care for those recovering from surgery. Yanhee Hospital, accredited by JCI, has over 150 specialists and modern medical technology.

This partnership aims to enhance patient satisfaction and recovery, especially for medical tourists.

Impact on Patient Care

This collaboration will significantly improve post-surgery care by combining Yanhee Hospital’s medical expertise with Oakwood Suites’ accommodation and nutritional services. 

Patients will enjoy a comprehensive approach that boosts recovery and well-being.

Future Prospects

The future of this partnership between Yanhee Hospital and Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok looks incredibly promising. By setting higher standards for health and beauty services, this collaboration is poised to attract a significant number of medical tourists. The combined expertise of both organizations will create top-notch services that cater to patients seeking excellent care, positioning them as leaders in the industry.

Setting New Standards

This partnership is not just about enhancing current services; it is about setting new benchmarks in the health and beauty sector. The integration of Yanhee Hospital’s advanced medical treatments with Oakwood Suites’ superior accommodation services will create a new standard of care that is unparalleled. This initiative will draw attention from around the globe, making it a preferred destination for medical tourists.

Attracting Medical Tourists

As the partnership between Yanhee Hospital and Oakwood Suites Tiwanon Bangkok continues to grow, it will undoubtedly attract more medical tourists. The comprehensive care model, combining medical excellence with luxurious accommodation, will appeal to patients worldwide. This collaboration is a significant step towards creating a healthcare environment that is both innovative and patient-centric, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

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